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British Pounds

Aluminium Contemporary Gates

See some of the designs and styles below

All orders come with weatherproof hardware, locks and handles if required, adjustable hinges, centre stoppers, retainers.

All can be supplied for manual or automated operation. 

Slat & Open Boarded Aluminium Gates






 Klum (Vented type slats)




Semi Plain & Boarded Aluminium Gates
















Fully Boarded Aluminium Gates

Aluminium gate Disglaou 
Aluminium gate Diwan

Aluminium gate Gwir      
 Aluminium gate Met

Aluminium gate Ker         
Aluminium gate Pennad

Aluminium gate Menez    
Aluminium gate Tremen

Aluminium gateTy            
Aluminium gate Bagad

Aluminium gate Kaol        
Aluminium gate Koural

Aluminium gate Evael       
Aluminium gate Flour

Aluminium gate Goude     
Aluminium gate Met

Aluminium gate Anae       
Aluminium gate Boudig

Aluminium gateTor           
Aluminium gate Uzel

Bel i
 & NovoFerm designer range of gates. Click images below to enlarge

Belim Aluminium gate Zen      
Belim Aluminium gate Longitude

Belim Aluminium gate Latitude   
Belim Aluminium gate Nickel

Belim Aluminium gate Chrome     
Belim Aluminium gate Calypso

Belim Aluminium gate Lotus



Ark, Kub, Ublo & Line 
are aluminium anodised in stainless steel effect.

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